FAZE THREE Autofab Limited
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Board of directors & Key Managerial Personnel

Name Designation
Mr. Ajay Anand Promoter, Chairman & Managing Director
Mr. Vinit Rathod Independent Director
Mr. Manan Shah Independent Director
Mrs. Rashmi Anand Non Executive & Non Independent Director
Mr. Kartik Jethwa Independent Director
Mr. Viswanathan Sivakumar Whole Time Director & Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Akram Sati Company Secretary and Compliance Officer

Brief Profile of Directors

Mr. Ajay Anand

Mr. Ajay Anand is Founder & Promoter of the Company currently designated as Chairman and Managing Director. He has diverse knowledge and experience in textiles and technical textiles and having more than three decades of experience in the industry, Mr. Ajay Anand oversees day-to-day management and administration and plays a vital role in decision making of the Company. Under his continuous leadership, guidance and efforts the Company boasts itself as an established supplier to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Mrs. Rashmi Anand

Mrs. Rashmi Anand, a Law Graduate is designated as Non-Executive Non-Independent Director. She has vast experience in policy making and strategic decision making. A socially active person, she has been instrumental in contributing towards the society well-being and uplifting through various initiatives. She has adequate expertise of the operations of textile industry and has led a number of assignments related to setting up of textile business independently. She is wife of the Managing Director, Mr. Ajay Anand and a member of promoter group of Faze Three Autofab Limited.

Mr. Manan Shah

Mr. Manan Shah, Independent Director of the Company is a Chartered Accountant by profession and has a comprehensive experience in business management. He plays an active role in the implementation of good corporate governance standards and provides valuable insights on management and administration.

Mr. Vinit Rathod

Mr. Vinit Rathod, Independent Director of the Company and Audit Committee is a Chartered Accountant and has sound exposure of Taxation and Finance. He has rich work experience as a professional as well as an entrepreneur. His association with the Company has helped derive independent valuable insights and perspectives to the Board for deliberation on taxation and financial matters besides good corporate governance practices.

Mr. Kartik Jethwa

Mr. Kartik Jethwa, Independent Director of the Company, is an Automotive Engineer with accomplished academics and varied experience. He has completed his Bachelors in Engineering-Automotive and Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. He has rich experience of more than 10 years in the field of mechanical engineering mainly in designing, structuring and review of automotive body parts with a strong background of Product development, Testing and Validation.

Mr. Viswanathan Sivakumar

Mr. Viswanathan Sivakumar, Director, has been associated with the Company for more than a decade. He was appointed as CFO of the Company w.e.f. July 15, 2016. He has rich experience of more than two decades in Automotive Textile Industry. He manages day to day operations at Company's Manufacturing facilities located at Dadra.